2021 - 2022
Booster Club Officers

President - Katie Fields

VP Activities/Programs - Courtney Thrasher

VP Fundraising - Marty Chapman

Treasurer - Kaci Guy

Secretary - Roxanne Camden

Wassail Chairs - Debra Harris & Nadia Sledge

Help purchase a Friends of Choir STAR for the beautiful new Stratford Auditorium and help us shine our Choir's light!

Our Choir is such a light to our community, and we need YOUR HELP to keep her "shining her light" through a donation for a Star on the Walk of Stars at our beautiful, new Stratford Auditorium! Proceeds from the Star will help us purchase a new piano.

Please be a part of this effort to not only honor our fabulous Marcie Baker and Gyasi J. Blanton, but our entire Stratford Choir program!

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Donors names will be engraved on a plaque in the auditorium upon completion.

Please donate by August 1st at 10pm!


Minutes from 5/18/2021 Meeting

Minutes from 2/08/2021 Meeting:

Minutes from 9/15/2020 Meeting:


Booster Club Officers

President - Kristin Hopper

VP Activities/Programs - Trina Morford

VP Fundraising - Katie Fields

Treasurer - Kaci Guy

Secretary - Roxanne Camden

Wassail Chairs - Alison Creed & Michelle Majewski

Here are our amended and revised bylaws, approved in our May 2020 board meeting

Here are the minutes from our annual meeting that occurred virtually through online votes May 2020

2019-2020 Booster Club Financials:

Income and Expenses