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2023 - 2024 Booster Club Officers

President - Nadia Sledge

VP Events& Activities - Paige Larrabee

VP Fundraising - Lori Perez

Treasurer - Mimi Hamilton

Secretary - Dana Weatherly

Communication Chair - Tina Throckmorton

Wassail Chairs - Jennie Corn & Julie Swoboda

Stratford and Choir Merchandise

Minutes from 5/15/2023 Meeting:

Amended and Revised By-Laws 5/15/2023

Minutes from 3/26/2024 Meeting:

Minutes from 8/29/2023 Meeting:

Minutes from 8/25/2022 Meeting:

Minutes from 8/26/2021 Meeting:

Minutes from 5/18/2021 Meeting

Minutes from 2/08/2021 Meeting:

Minutes from 9/15/2020 Meeting:

Here are our amended and revised bylaws, approved in our May 2020 board meeting

Here are the minutes from our annual meeting that occurred virtually through online votes May 2020

2019-2020 Booster Club Financials:

Income and Expenses

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