Important Audition Information!‚Äč

Make sure you check out both these documents so you'll know how the all state auditions will work!

Last update from TMEA:

  • There will be 3 auditions instead of 4

  • All auditions will be virtual

  • There will be all-state choir next year in some form

  • Start practicing music for audition 1

Audition 1

  • Sleep (Mixed)

  • Ride in the Chariot (Mixed)

  • Threads of Joy (Mixed)

  • You Do Not Walk Alone (Treble)

  • O Sing to the Lord (Tenor/Bass)

Audition 2

  • Wie Lieblich (Mixed)

  • I Will Be a Child of Peace (Tenor/Bass)

  • Jaglied (Tenor/Bass)

  • Les Papillons (Treble)

  • Now Let Me Fly (Treble)

Audition 3

  • Wie Lieblich (Mixed)

  • Dies Irae (Mixed

  • Dance (Tenor/Bass)

  • Benigne FAc Domine(Treble)

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All state notes published by TMEA

can be found here:

14555 Fern Drive

Houston, TX  77079